Our range of products is very varied. From freshly baked bread to frozen foods, we aim to bring our customers what they want in store. If there is something we don't currently stock you would like to see in store, please ask a member of staff.  Maybe we can find room for it!

Newspapers and Magazines
We stock all the major newspaper titles as well as many foreign titles including USA Today and International Herald Tribune.
We also stock a wide range of magazines in many catergories including TV Guides and Celebrity magazines.
Sweets and Confectionary
As well as the favourite chocolate bars, chewing gums, mints and toffees, we also have bagged sweets and Pick 'n' Mix.
Beers, Wines and Spirits
We have a large selection of Beers, Ciders, Alcopops, Wines, Rosés and Spirits.
Most of our Beers, Ciders, Alcopops, Rosés and White Wines are prechilled and are ready to drink.  Perfect for the summer time.
Snacks and Cold Drinks
We have a large selection of sandwiches and savoury snacks, as well as crisps, ice creams, large bottled drinks and smaller chilled drinks.
Chilled and Frozen Foods
We stock a wide range of chilled goods and an increasing range of frozen foods.
Our 2 litre bottles of Milk are on a permanent offer of 2 for £2.20
Cigarettes & Tobacco
We stock a large range of priced marked and non priced mark cigarettes and rolling tobacco, along with filters, rolling papers, lighters and matches.